About Us

Raj Rajendran secured his CFP® in 1993 to manage money for his own family, at a time when he was holding a senior financial management position in a corporation. He was soon providing financial advice to friends and family. Seeing that there was quite a demand for his advice, he founded Family CFO in 2003 and started formally offering wealth management services.

Raj has a passion for wealth management and has helped many families navigate successfully through the dot-com period in 2000, the financial crisis in 2008, and the coronavirus crisis in 2020.  

Our Mission

Successful investing requires a full understanding of your story: the roads you have traveled in the past, your present setting, and where you dream of going in the future. Family CFO can help add greater certainty to your financial future by:

  • Seeking a full understanding of your financial goals, needs, lifestyle aspirations, and concerns;
  • Clarifying and establishing your tolerance for risk;
  • Applying an analytical and disciplined approach to evaluating and controlling risk, and constructing highly diversified portfolios tailored to your goals and preferences;
  • Minimizing the total cost of investing, including expense ratios, fees, and taxes; and
  • Monitoring your portfolio on an ongoing basis and offering to meet with you at least quarterly, to keep up with changes in your life and to change your financial plan if necessary.