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Articles and Quarterly Summaries

As a further service to clients, Family CFO, Inc. routinely recommends and distributes recent financial articles for informative reading. 

  • How Rebalancing Can Reduce Risk
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  • The "Great Fall" due to the coronavirus, and the Road to Recovery
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  • Living with Volatility, Again By Jim Parker, Vice President, DFA Australia Limited
    Volatility is back – an expression of uncertainty in the market. However, acting on anxious emotions can do us more harm than good.
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  • Bernie Madoff versus Family CFO By Annamalai Rajendran, President, Family CFO​
    Why the massive fraud perpetrated by Bernie Madoff is entirely unlikely to occur ever with Family CFO.
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  • Dimensions of Returns From Dimensional
    The capital markets have rewarded long-term investors.
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